I'll start the journaling off....
Here is an example of a wiki journaling that I (Renee) experienced in trying to figure out why the stock market graphs show a logarithmic scale that LOOKS suspiciously linear....

Mike & Amanda

Day 1:

I think this is where we journal...
Here is our days progress... .

Day 2:
Here is our second day's progress....

Day 3
Here's our final journal entry for the week!


DAY 1- Ayesha

Day 2 Journal - Jeremy -

Day 3- Stephanie:

Day 1
O boy here is our first journal, please don't judge my grammar to much :)

Day 2
I bet mine is worse!

Jamil Day 1

Apologies in advance...

Andrew Day 2

Here is my Journal on Prezi. Better late than never!